When a relationship ends sometimes both of you prefer not to stay in touch. However, when things are more amicable you might decide to stay in contact or even remain good friends, while there’s nothing wrong with this, it can be a cause for concern for any new partners. This might become more of a contentious issue if your partner feels this continued contact has an inappropriate role in your life.

Often the worry is that their new partner still isn’t over their ex and is staying in touch as a way of keeping their options open. They may have concerns over how the previous relationship ended – whether it was a definite ending or something more ambiguous. Or sometimes the contact can just make them feel generally insecure about their role in this person’s life, as if there’s something their ex-partner can provide that they can’t.

Getting a better understanding

However you feel about your partner’s relationship with their ex, the best way to avoid tension is to talk about it.

If you’ve got worries, this will give you a chance to explore them openly. And if their relationship with their ex isn’t appropriate, it’s important you discuss this together so you can figure out what you’d like to do next.

Of course, this kind of conversation can be very tricky, so you might like to think about the following:

How we can help

If you’re finding it hard to talk about any tricky issues, Relationship Counselling, offers a safe and confidential space where you can be open and honest.

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