Being able to trust your partner is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Trust is the foundation from which a strong connection can be built. Without it, it can be hard for relationships to grow and progress to a deeper level.

Building trust is something that happens for different couples at different speeds – often over a matter of years. But there are ways to ensure you’ve created a good environment for building trust – and ways to avoid putting obstacles in the way.

Setting boundaries

Having clear boundaries together is a crucial part of starting to build trust. Boundaries help you define how much space you’re comfortable with in a relationship – be this emotionally or physically.

Boundaries can be about all kinds of things: how much time you need to yourself, how comfortable you are telling other people details about your relationship and so on. Having an understanding of one another’s boundaries is helpful when it comes negotiating your approach to the relationship.

Open communication

A big part of building trust is being able to openly talk to your partner about the future of your relationship. It’s important you’re able to talk about any worries, doubts and hopes openly, as this will help you negotiate your expectations and move forward together.

Bumps in the road

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Being able to deal with problems and move on is an important skill when it comes to maintaining a resilient partnership. If you need help working through disagreements or difficulties you may find the following tips useful:

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