Sex therapy is very successful in helping people to re-establish an active sex life. Working with a Relate sex therapist will help you to recognise any difficulties you’re having and find a way to move on from them. Many people are surprised at how effective Sex Therapy is.

Like all our counsellors, our sex therapists are qualified in couple counselling having undertaken training for two to three years. They then undertake further training to specialise in Sex Therapy.

In Sex Therapy you and your therapist work on the issues you need help with. Your therapist will design a programme of exercises especially for you, which you’ll carry out in the privacy of your own home. At each session, the therapist will talk to you about how you’re getting on and discuss the best next steps. You will never be asked to undertake any sexual tasks during the sessions.

We ask for a contribution towards the cost of our service (currently up to £70 for adult relationship counselling and £80 for PST but people pay what they can responsibly afford, there is no means testing and people contribute what they can)

We work with every client differently, so how long therapy takes depends on your specific needs. Sessions are usually weekly and therapists always work at your pace, so you’ll never feel rushed.

On average, Sex Therapy sessions last for around an hour. 

No. Many people are referred to Sex Therapy by their GP but you can also make an appointment with Relate to discuss any aspect of your sex life or relationship without a referral.

Yes, if you are single, or if your partner doesn’t want to come along, or if you simply want to see a Relate sex therapist alone.