Below are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients

“I only came for 6 sessions with you last year but your help was invaluable. I have been in such a happy place since our discussions combined with the support of my wonderful family, friends and of course my partner. Just wanted you to know how very appreciative I am for the time and efforts you gave.”

“Myself and my partner have been doing extremely well over the last few months and have not argued. Between us we have overcome the issues we were facing thanks to your counsellor’s advice. We feel that we no longer require the great counselling offered by Relate and wish you and our counsellor all the best for the future.”

Very helpful and much appreciated. I came to look forward to our appointment/sessions because they left me felling much more positive and upbeat.

“Thank you very much, the session was extremely helpful in enabling me to clarify my thought processes and decide where my emotional allegiances lay.”

“Made us feel very relaxed in an awkward situation. Cannot see a need for an improvement to the service.”

The counsellor was very good at rephrasing points either of us made and trying to draw out responses so that we might understand each other’s feelings better and adapt our behaviours towards rebuilding the relationship.”

“It has been very useful and has helped me understand how to approach both our relationship and life generally.”

“Thank you so much for all your help and invaluable guidance, without your help, I am almost certain, my marriage would be over.”

“The counsellor was wonderful and Relate needs more support from the States/charities to keep it running, it’s an asset and I’m sure has saved many marriages.”

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