Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL)

As well as training our own practitioners, Relate also recruits externally, people who have qualifications and experience to work for one of our mainstream services.

If you are already a qualified counsellor, it may be that you already have sufficient qualifications and experience to work for us.

Relate Guernsey offers counselling through the following services, all of which require different levels of training:

  • Adult Relationship
  • Adult Individuals
  • Sex Therapy.

Have a look at our APEL external course list to find out if you automatically qualify to work for us.

This list is being continually updated as we become aware of courses, which we approve as equivalent, so even if your course isn’t on the list it may be that you have sufficient qualifications and/or experience to work for us.

If you already hold a Level 4 (2 years’ accredited Diploma with minimum 100-hour placement), or above qualification in counselling, you will be qualified to work for our Adult Individuals service, but if you want to deliver Adult Relationship counselling you would need to complete our Certificate in Relational Counselling.

If you are interested in working for us you need to get in touch to discover if we are able to sponsor your APEL application.

(NB You cannot make an APEL application unless you are sponsored by a Relate centre who is willing to employ you.)